Stat-Mat: Multipurpose Surgical Instrument Tray
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The base is loaded with forceps and knife handles which are placed in their designated compartments. All the ringed instruments are then placed in their proper compartments. The Instrument Roll is rolled in place to securely open the ringed instruments. The Bundle Box is loaded with any extra instruments that do not have a predetermined compartment in the base. It is suggested that these instruments be wrapped in an OR towel for ease in removal and to assist in the drying process. The lid on the Bundle Box is shut, and the cover is latched in place to the base. The Stat-Mat Minor is then double wrapped in CSR wrap and placed in the sterilizer. After a cooling down period, the wrapped Stat-Mat Minor is sent to the surgical area, and either opened and placed on the back table or left unopened until needed.

Use in the field:

The sterilized Stat-Mat Minor is unwrapped. While still attached, the Bundle Box is opened and the instruments within are removed and placed in the surgical field. The cover is then detached from the base and set aside. The base is then placed securely on the surgical field, so that the Instrument Roll may be removed and set aside. Once the instruments have been counted, they are ready for use. Instruments can be used directly from the Stat-Mat Minor base. After a procedure is complete, all instruments can be placed back in their original compartments and counted. The Stat-Mat Minor is sent back for processing after each use, but if unopened, can be placed in sterile storage.