Stat-Mat: Multipurpose Surgical Instrument Tray
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    Set-up in seconds, not minutes
    • No de-stringing of ringed instruments
    • No need for towel rolls
    • Complete, organized instrument set-up when opened
    • Instantly ready for the back table of Mayo stand
    Protects instruments from damage
    • Each instrument in its own compartment
    • No more jumbled piles
    • Only open when needed
    • Reduces unnecessary cleaning and processing
    Made with the best materials
    • Manufactured in the USA
    • Manufactured with Radel PPSU, a lightweight and durable plastic
    • Can withstand over 1,000 Steam Cycles at 132 degrees C with 50 ppm
      Morpholine without cracking, crazing, or any significant loss of properties.

    Patented technology
    • Invented by a Scrub Nurse with over 20+ years experience
    • A resultof in-depth design development from experts from OR, OB and SPD
    • Accommodates entire general instrument kits
    • All instruments held in place during transport
    • Withstands shaking without displacement of instruments